Looking for second boat

Already have a long boat. A prijon seayak. I am looking for a boat that is shorter, Ok on slow moving rivers and streams but also capible of handling faster creeks and some mild whitewater. I think I have it narrowed down to 3 boats

A pyrania Master TG

A Dagger Approach

or a Prijon Combi

Looking for comments and also suggestions for other boats I may have missed. Thanks in advance…Dave

Combi Tour
I have the CombiTour and it complements my Chatham 16 well. It’s good in WW up to classII, maybe III, but I usually end up swimming. I think it’s more my lack of WW skills than the boat. Easily handles class II though. Very high quality construction as you know from the seayak. I would replace the seat back with a backband if I was gonna run a lot of WW where rolling is gonna be happening, I find the seat to be a pain in the ass to get back into the slots if they come out, which I find tends to happen when you get inverted frequently. Especially if you blow your roll.

Rather than those…

…look into a ww riverrunner. Not a creek boat or

a playboat, but a river runner.

Why not save some money and shop around for an older whitewater kayak in the 10 foot range? If you are going to be paddling it on moving water you really don’t need great speed and the skeg is just a liability on moving water.

You already have a good boat for flatwater/slackwater. You can probably pick up a decent older WW kayak for 150-300 dollars which will serve you well.

ww riverrunners
My specs 6ft 184lbs size 11 shoe. Have found 3 used boat Prijon Hurricane, Dagger Outburst and a Perseption Piroutte. Are these the kind of boats you and rroberts are refering too?

FYI, you’d fit the regular Pirouette - very close to my husband’s size. I don’t know the other two well, but the Pirouette is an old school (displacement hull) river runner/also was used as slalom boat. So it is one of what each was talking about.

go for the Pirouette
The Outburst is a little smaller, but not a bad choice either. I don’t remeber the Hurricane well but Prijon made some of the toughest WW boats.

The Pirouette has very good hull speed for a whitewater boat, is generally roomy and easy to roll. Make sure it is the Pirouette and not the Pirouette S you are looking at. You might be a little big for the S.