Looking for similar models.

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ok peeps. Your knowledge is needed. After borrowing some cheap sit on top yaks from friends I'm thinking of taking the dive into purchasing my own boat. I didn't want to come here with the "what do i buy!?!?' attitude so i have done some research about what I wan't and am looking for.

I live in Northern California and there is plenty of variation in water and things to do. That being said my budget is pretty tight and I only want 1 boat. I'm not too worried about have the fastest best tracking boat I know the things I'm looking for comes with compromises but hopefully there is enough knowledge from this community to make me not regret my purchase.

First off I'm not looking to do long distance trips. just few hour excursions. some flat water river and lakes but the rivers here go from flat to Class IV. Being new i'm not looking to do that but Id like to grow into maybe some class III at best. I'm about 5'10" and 190lbs. After some research I found a couple of boats I think fit into what I wanna do. Interested in sit ins. The Wave sport Ethos and the discontinued Jackson Rogue (it looks like the traverse replaced it which I like equally) look like boats up my alley. Not to big but not dedicated WW boats either. They look like a happy little hybrid that can be alot of fun.

So to get to it. I'm basically looking for other boats similar from other manufactures. Models to check out. So i can keep my eyes open for maybe an ebay or CL score. Budget is an issue but I dont wanna cheap out on a big box store boat. I was considering just getting an aruba 10 while I figure it out but I dont wanna waste money on something I'm probably gonna replace right away. So guys any ideas? or models for me to look up and consider? I'd love your input!

Thank You so much and sorry for writing such a novel.


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Dagger zydeco 11
Dagger axis 12

You would need a float bag in the front for safety if going into something heavy.

thanks for another option to check out

I actually like the Dagger Katana 10.4 looking at some of their other boats.

Just keep in mind a full whitewater shoe like that will be terrible if you plan to do a decent distance of flat non moving water like a lake but great for rapids.

If you do not plan to move upriver or go on lakes/ponds you are probably heading in the right direction.

Yea I figured.
I def don’t plan on doing much non flowing distance. At the most I would just play in some of the coves of some lakes we camp near for an hour or 2 but that’s all.

Venture Flex 11
A similar crossover kayak is the Venture Flex 11. It got a good review here: http://kayakdave.com/2012/08/07/venture-kayaks-flex-11-review/

It’s an inch or two narrower than the ones that have been suggested above which I would think might make it slightly faster. I’ve had mine for less than a year now and am satisfied. The dealer who sold me mine said that he doesn’t get many of them back in trade because most customers like them and keep them.

other crossovers are pyranha fusion and
liquid logics xp. Be sure to check out the reviews on this website for more info. Katana seems to be a solid choice among my buds.

Nice guys I think I have a good list. I have also since started looking slightly more into WW boats as well such as the Karma.

The more research I do the more im leaning away from a crossover and just getting more more dedicated river boat. There is a nice GTX on sl right now…