Looking for some race info

I searched on line, but struck out.

If any one can give me any info on any of the races below, it would be greatly appreciated.

They are all in Florida.

  1. In Feb the Weeki Wachee Gene jensen classic
  2. Also Feb the Crisp Park race in St Pete
  3. In March, the great pickle race in Tampa
  4. In early April the Rainbow Rive race in Dunellon.

    thanks in advance,


Hi Jack,

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I should be doing all four if possible.

Weeki Wachee is confirmed for Feb. 17th, 10:30am, 11 miles, very twisty. Could have close to 100 boats. Start is against current which is rather strong, turnaround at park (spring head) and fly back downstream,, and I mean fly back! Contact info. Tech6outriggers@hotmail.com

Crisp Park is confirmed for Feb. 24th, 9:30am. It's at Crisp Park in St. Pete. Out thru canals in residential area into small bay that connects to Tampa bay. Depending on conditions (winds) it can be choppy,, was flat as a pancake when I did it,, around 12 miles. Contact info. Canoechamp@aol.com

Great Pickle, confirmed for March 10th, 11 miles. Hillsborough River, great scenery, some twists, out and back. Contact info. ggawilliams@juno.com

Rainbow River in Dunellon, another beautiful river! 10am, 12 miles out and back,, crystal clear with a slight current. I'll send you the contact info for this one to your email address in that it's a personal phone number and I'll also send you my cell number so that you can check in with me while in Florida in case there are changes or addl. races such as the Estero river in early Jan.


We can definately make the Rainbow River Race.

Anyone know how long it takes to get from Key Largo up to Witcheewatchee?

We would love to do that one, since we paddled the river last year.

I can’t visualize a bunch of boats on a river that narrow. there are many places where there is only enough room for two boats.

How the heck do they start it?


Mass start.

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It was hairy at the start at Rogers Park,, but after the first 1/4 mile the ICF K-1's,, about 50 of them had strung out,, then you had to pick your spot to pass someone,, was alot of fun. It was great to see all those youngsters in the K-1's burning up the course. Race was won by a P-netter who posts regularly,,Scombrid. After he did the turn around and he crossed paths with me he yelled out "this river is insane!!" with a huge smile on his face. I wouldn't use that minimal rudder I sent you for this one :-),,, I always remember those that post on this site saying that a skeg is better for racing,, try doing this river with no rudder.

My guess is it would take around 5 1/2 to 6 hours from Key Largo up to Weeki Wachee,, best probably to mapquest it.



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"I always remember those that post on this site saying that a skeg is better for racing"

Can you refresh my memory Hex? While I like skegs, prefer them for general paddling, and have one on my QCC700 - I can't recall ever claiming a skeg would better for racing (pretty much any type/venue).

I also can't recall any other poster making such a claim. Should have stuck out.

Excuse the sidetrack, just gotta wonder sometimes...

On the more,

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heated discussions of skeg vs. rudder. You never mentioned it,, but do recall some other paddlers saying it and do specifically remember Jackl posting on one of the heated back and forths that he would like to see them come up on a buoy turn and continue to think that it's an advantage to have a skeg. BTW,, how have you and the GF been,, any new boats on the horizon?

P.S Hope this doesn't turn into the same rehashing of the same argument :-)

also might consider the Myakka river rac

Might want to consider the Myakka river race, it is a very beautiful river it is about 4 miles down and up the river for a total of 8 miles.

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2007

Myakka River Race (2nd Annual)

Benefits Friends of Myakka who assist with county parks. (details to come)


Man, I am always in the wrong place
We will be at Myakka River State park in mid March.

On jan 13 we will be at Anastasia State Park up in the north east area of Florida.

Thanks for the heads up though.



argument :slight_smile:
Hmm, never been an argument as far as I see. Just some narrow opinions/limited info (but I do see a fair amount of misunderstanding regarding skegs in general - not race specific).

Kim’s happy with her Sparrow Hawk (but very rarely gets to paddle it). Skin boat and QCC keep me busy enough. Picked up a plastic surf SOT too. Mark-1 is neglected as I got fat again. Already changing that, but paddling figure 8’s on flat water is boring and I am not able to get frequent enough seat time to get past that. Weekend warrior thing doesn’t cut it - but SOF is enough of a jump over the QCC to give me some balance improvements and get used to a more knees together position. If I hit lotto I’ll add a V10 Sport or S-1R.

FCPA race sched
Try this site for the entire FCPA race sched for the rest of 2006 and for 2007


Althought not mentioned on the sched, most of these races also have a short (about 4 mile) rec race

Thanks a bunch
I know there are a few other people interested also.