Looking for someone to do the Inland Passage with mid may 2021

Folks, for the 2nd time on my kayak trips, I am looking for an individual, man or woman to paddle the Inland Passage with Mid May to end of June. Approximately 1,200 miles, 20 miles a day is 60 days, pleanty of days for weather. The last time I did this on the Yukon the guy lasted about 400 miles, then I had to send him down the river. He was a smoker (didn’t tell me) and a hacker and one of those guys that knew everything but knew nothing.

I am not going to go into my experience, but you can go to www.1indsob.com and click the Journal tab and read some of the journals of my trips. I have paddled in excess of 10,000 miles.

Why a partner this time? I am getting older, will be 74. Would like someone to share the potential bad weather and crossing with who has some “tide” experience.

I am not a marthone paddler. I do not push, I get up early, get my miles in and then hit the bank and get camp set up.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested please contract me.

We would leave from Whitbey Island and paddle to Skagway, take the ferry back. I have a “knock down” tandem Feathercraft and my Service Dog Stormy goes on all of my trips.

This year my plans are to go to Beleize for mid Nov to end of Dec. Then over to Santiago, Chile to paddle down the country on rivers and lakes. Then to Patagonia and spend a few days at a fly fishing lodge some folks from Bend, Oregon own. Then back to Bend, Oregon, paddle the Inland Passage, when back to Bend, immediately fly to Irkisku, Russian to finish the 500 miles on Lake Baikal I didn’t get finished last summer because of a health issue.

I know my capabilities and my limitations and have never, never had a near mishap or a serious bear encounter.

Dave Scott Best to email me.

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Sounds tempting and interesting. I have paddled the Adirondack 90 miler 23 times so far, twice on the Yukon 1000 mile, and three times on the 440 mile Yukon River Quest, all with appropriate training for each. I followed Beav’s 5000 mile trek a couple of years ago up the Inside passage and then from Skagway to over the Chilkoot pass to the length of the Yukon, thence around the Bearing Sea finishing at Anchorage. What a challenge that was. Unfortunately I don’t believe at this stage, with no sea going experience at all that I am up for such a challenge to Skagway, but look forward to following your trip.

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I think you could do it but the decision is up to you.
Team chemistry would be most important.

Sounds tempting to me but I am too old to relish sleeping cold and wet for that long anymore.

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??? Mid-May to end of June is 6 weeks, not 60 days. That amounts to about 28-29 miles per day, not accounting for any bad weather days.

BTW, it is called the Inside Passage.


“Team chemistry would be most important.”

Considering his website is called “1 Independent SOB” and his description of himself is “No question I am different breed of human being. As I get older, I find myself getting more and more opinionated about certain things in life.” I would say that team chemistry would indeed be important!


Finding a good partner for a long trip is hard. I would never go with someone I just met.
Maybe changing your name and title of your website would help.
Averaging 20-25 miles a day in the salt water with the wind and tides will not be easy, especially for a guy that is 74.
I wish you nothing but the best of luck.
Blessings from the Ocean Gods.

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