Looking for SouthEast US Kayak Races

Looking for info on kayak races within a day’s drive of Huntsville Alabama. Just got rained out at the Outdoors Inc Kayak and Canoe Race. Storms were bad with lot’s of flooding. At least I had a boat with me just in case.




If the full link doesn’t work, just use the saltspringsalliance.com portion

Next month there is a good one in …
Atlanta, on the Chatahoochee river.

Go on line and you can probably find it, if not give me a shout back, and I’ll get you the specifics.

You missed one in SC yesterday.

More coming up here in NC, (Salisbury, NC next saturday) but that is more than a days drive.

I hope you know aboout the Suwannee river 52 miler in the fall. That is a great one.



Thanks much for info
I’ll look into the races both of you suggested.



Another place to take a look

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is the Florida Competition Paddlers Association.
they are a great group and have a schedule of races where a lot of them might be within a day of you.

Jack L

June 6 - Tallahassee
From FCPA, I think there is a race in Tallahassee on June 6.

Now Muril…
…you KNOW Randy is just a phonecall away, and he knows every race in the Southeast! (heck he prolly paddled in most of 'em!)

I asked Randy already
Randy is thinking about organizing a race. Let’s encourage him.


Kayak Races

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Hey Muril,
I don't know what you consider a days drive but there are a host of kayak races in southern MS and surrounding areas throughout the year.

**Some of these may or may not be affected by the recent oil spill**

Battle on the Bayou in Ocean Springs, MS

BluzCruz in Vicksburg, MS

Dog River Paddle in Mobile, AL

MS State Games in Pass Christian, MS

Phatwater Challenge in Natchez, MS

Hope this helps,

They generally get posted on the
Huntsville Canoe Club website as well. Check the forums regularly (they are publicly readable) for details or as they said above, just let Randy know and he’ll find something…

Glad to see you found this site.

Jim S

SouthEast kayak races
Thanks much to Nick and Jim. I will look at the recommended web sites.