Looking for starfire

A couple years ago I passed on a well used bell Starfire and have always regretted it. I am still looking for one, so thought I would see if anyone has one they would be willing to sell. I live in Montana.

Colden Canoe
Currently made by Colden Canoe in a infusion friendly form of Bell’s Black/Gold laminate.

I should have
mentioned that I am aware of the Colden Starfire. I can assure you that when I win the lottery, Colden will be one of my first phone calls! Unfortunately, they are beyond my means at this point. Thanks anyway, Charlie.

A little off subject,
but there are many of us out here looking for a Starfire. Some, who have not yet won the lottery, are thinking about raiding their piggy banks, but cannot afford both the boat and a shed to keep it in. Will Colden put aluminum rails on one or, will infused "snakeskin rails tolerate outdoor storage under a tarp?


infused will tolerate
outside storage. You can verify by calling Paul at Colden.

Integral Rails

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The infused, integral rails will tolerate exposure as well as the rest of the hull will, both being carbon, Kevlar and foam infused with VE resin just like the hull. The rail system holds up way better than wood.

Charlie, my impression, gained from
nowhere in particular, is that vinylester resin may be more UV resistant than epoxy resin. Have you seen any data on that?

“Endeavor to Persevere!”

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Do just what you're doing. Post a thread now and then here and on other forums now and then. I wanted one for years and ended up with someone contacting me after a "Google" search looking for information on the Starfire. Found a thread I started here on P.net. I now have a Bell Starfire in Black gold. Sweet boat, but if my buddy with his lighter Placid Starfire ever sells his, I'll look you up. Would love to head to Montana again anyway! We have friends in the Bozeman area, where are you?

Nothing quite like a Starfire, though if
one’s tandem/solo paddling patterns show any particular emphasis, there may be other pocket tandems that will serve quite well. Probably for tandem freestyle stuff, the Starfire is “it” but if I just wanted a maneuverable pocket tandem, I might look at strange alternatives like the Millbrook AC/DC, Coho, or Souhegan. NOT like the Starfire, but would serve me as well for traveling around and paddling a variety of waters.

I live in Billings, and would love to meet you. Follow your posts. Let me know if you’re heading my way.

Beautiful boats
Makes me want one even more. The black gold and wood gunwales is an amazing combination.

Which StarFire?
There are three. Aficionados swear there are differences between Bell, Placid, Colden. Not having a Star, I dont know.

There probably are differences, but
the way I would use it, I doubt it would make a difference. For freestyle competitors, it might make a big difference.

Low ability protects the shopper against some mistakes. I’m not good enough to drive a Porsche, so I’m near as fast in an Accord.


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All three builders used the same mold. Bell used wood trim, which msy increase beam a little, Placid and Colden use[d] wood or SnakeSkin.

Certainly the Bell hulls were heavier, being hand laid. Both Placid and Colden infuse, saving ~ 5 lbs; Colden uses wider bottom partials, so is a little stiffer below. Again, Placid and Colden option [d] snakeskin rails, saving another 5 lbs

All in all, seat placement probably effects performance more than build between the three, basically Black/Gold hulls. SInce most seat placements are custom and based on paddler weights, no surprise they all paddle differently! Heaven forbid any couple ends up in a Star set up for different weights.

It's a fun boat for a compact couple with stick skills and a fine solo for someone rangy enough to stack his hands across the 34" beam, but definitely not for everyone. With 3" stern rocker, those without a near perfect forward stroke, tandem or solo, will see all four sides of the lake.

All good
information for a guy looking for a starfire. Thanks.