Looking for Steve -flatpicks email

Hi, trying to send Steve from WS a comment re my experience with a tempest 165 today but 2 email addresses report failures. Steve, do you have a new address in the last few days? Most of you dont know me but i have learned much from many of you from reading all your helpful comments in the past year!!! Marilyn

don’t know why it bounced.

steve.scherrer@kayaker.com works


Ok thanks Steve
I didnt have that particular one so i will try again!


Email still not receiving
Steve - this is odd - i dont have any trouble sending to anyone else today or other days for that matter! is your mailbox full? i dont know why it wont accept my email- any other suggestions?


post it here
maybe you are better off to post here…seems like emails and such don’t get through to Confluence anyways…anything posted HERE though regarding confluence (Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Perception, Mad River etc) will at least get noticed by Flatpick…and he always responds.

I bought Steve
a couple of drinks once. Didn’t even get to first base and the phone number he gave me was bum!

what are you saying?
Perhaps the drinks weren’t strong enough? Or a couple just wasn’t enough?? he he you are plain silly!!!always a place for humour with me!

woah !!!
you work for wilderness systems (my favorite kayak company) steve ??? that is so AWESOME !!!


me thinks?



you should’ve
been leary when it started with 555…


still @ flatpick@wwestsky.net or steve.scherrer@kayaker.com