Looking for still-water paddlers in Utah

I love kayaking, and am looking for friends to paddle with. If any of you know of a group in Utah or Southern Idaho, please let me know.


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Hi Birdsong:

I’m a Native Utahn and usually head back to Utah a couple of times of year. I try to get out on the Bear River, Bear Lake and Great Salt Lake near Antelope Island. I am usually staying in Cache Valley. The Audobond society in Cache Valley used to put together trips on the Bear River and high water years on the Cub River. I am not sure if they are still active, but these trips sound like what you would like. I have some friends who run the Oneida Canyon area but that is serious whitewater which does not sound what you are looking for. For information for Extreme Northern Utah / Southern Idaho you might call Trailhead Sports in Logan one afternoon and talk to Scott Datwyler. He knows most of what is going on in outdoor organizations in that part of the state. You might call the Stokes Nature Center in logan for information about Bear River paddle trips. I sometimes post here if I am going on a paddle when I am Utah, this summer I am going to circumnavigate Bear Lake.

Hi Seadart
Thanks for that info, and I did get your e-mail. I’ll call Scott.

I’m not a native Utahn, so I am not familiar with the the Salt Lake/Antelope Isl. area.

If you’ve never been to Payette River in a canoe or kayak, you haven’t lived my friend. It’s so very beautiful, 6.5 miles of wilderness. And you can’t get lost because there are no tributaries - it’s paddle in/paddle out.

Antelope Island

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I do recommend paddling on Antelope Island ... it's like visiting another planet. The island is so desolate and wild. My great grand father used to run a cattle ranch on the island so I have visted a lot. The water in the lake is really salty and disgusting but on a calm morning the sky and mountains and islands reflect in the lake and it is amazing. In windy weather don't do it. The lake can be treacherous when windy. You don't want to tip over or get water in your nose or mouth or eyes. So you have to treat it with respect.


(Have visited the Payette River many many years ago ... it is nice.)