looking for the best dry suit deal.

so I am enlisting the power pf pnet to see if anybody has any knowledge of great deals out there. given the level of my wife’s patience I need to get a really good bargain.

I like Stohlquist with the zipper set so that you don’t need an additional relief zipper…wish I could find one used.

Yeah I know…you get what you pay for. looking to get some use out of it but it won’t be in Alaska year round either…Carolinas probably.


is this a deal?
Just googled to see what it looked like. I think $500 is cheap for a drysuit. There’s always America’s yard sale. I have found many deals there.



A Large Kokatat for $375 new

Nylon w relief and booties.

If you join the outdoorplay.com club they give you 15% off and free shipping and that can get you a pretty good deal. .

Whatever you do, make sure you get a breathable fabric. Whitewater kayakers might not need that as much, but if you’re a seakayaker, coated nylon is a nightmare. Booties are great, but less critical if you really need to save money. Goretex is best, but other breathable fabrics work ok, and will save you a lot of money. Kokatat has good drysuit in Tropos (their own fabric) for $362, no booties: http://www.nrsweb.com/shop/product.asp?pfid=2262&deptid=1174

I use urethane coated nylon drygear
and have for the past couple years. I really do not find it to be uncomfortable, but I spend lots of time in the water.

Palm Stikine


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I just got mine there. They have used that are about 2/3 of new. You can not tell the difference. They leak test them before they resell them. George and Barb ar great to work with. They make sure it will be right the first time.

Good Luck

how strong/durable are the booties? reason I am asking is not because I want to walk around without shoes but that in my SOF I can’t wear shoes as it is too tight a fit and usually wear sealion skinz or other waterproof socks. could I put the waterproof socks over the booties or is that unneccessary?


Sierra Trading Post
I don’t know if they still have them, but I bought a Radiator dry suit from Sierra Trading Post (Bombergear)for around $200, and wore it for Ladies of the Lake symposium - worked fine. No booties or relief zipper, but it’s breathable. For the price, I’m very happy with it.

Kokatat Goretex $475

Take a look at Ravenspring
Hi Paul, I have a Ravenspring Rapide, and have been very satisfied. Best, John


thanks everyone

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I ordered the Stohlquist body Pod. new!

And i was able to help support a fellow Pnetter!

many thanks Marshall


stohlquist body pod
That’s a great deal–can you give us more information about who you bought it from (and how it supports a p-netter?) And let us know if you like the neck gasket, please!


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Our very own."see you on the water" Marshall

He had a couple on buy it now on Ebay. there may be a medium left.

www.the-river-connection.com is his website


bootie protection
on my kokatat the booties are ‘cordura’ level, though i try my best to slip into at least crocs when walking around…a neoprene sock would do just fine to protect them…be glad you got the booties, of all the gaskets, the ankle gaskets are the hardest to get out of.

I do have a kokotat bib and dry top that I got last year. the ankle gaskets were no fun. for that matter the whole arrangement is no fun…pretty restricting. I am looking forward to being able to just slip into this and go instead of being a contortionist.


reading the article at Wes Boyd’s…
…you may want to read the article about wetsuits for Big Guys (Gals). he talks about having custom stuff made and how he found that it often was cheaper or the slight extra expense was worth the fit than getting +size gear that was available. now you might not be a big guy, but the fact stands it could be a very good idea to pursue.

I believe it makes some references to companies that do custom work :slight_smile:

ti will be a few years before I am in the market for dry suits. between the two piece semi dry arrangement I have with the Kokotat and now the dry suit, I am set.


Bomber Gear closeouts
One of the former owners of the now-defunct Bomber Gear has evidently been closing out his leftover stock via an eBay store:


I’ve purchased a few items from him, including a drytop and matching pants, and was pleased with both the merchandise and the transaction. You’ll have to watch his offerings, as they are continually updated, but you may find a bargain there.