Looking for the bubblie on the Susquehan

Greeting; Would anyone have experience on the Susquehanna River near NY and PA junction? I’m moving to the area soon and and looking for an area that has class I or II rapids. Thanks!

I live in that general area and have paddled all 444 miles of the river. Shoot me an email and I’ll set you up. Lots of great places to paddle in this area.


I replied without seeing who asked…you’re leaving the Delaware?

Thanks a bunch!
I look forward to getting your advice. How about sharing a meal sometime?

Hey PA, how ya doing?
Looks like I’ll be heading North soon. Would you like to buy a house in Wayne County, PA?

If you have time, just open Google Earth
and scan the river from space. Usually shoals and rapids are easy to see, at least on the larger rivers.

Hi Suntan, I used to live between Windsor and Harpursville and have paddled some of the Susquehanna. A lot different than the Delaware, not as clear water as the Delaware and there will be portages. Give me a shout or email, steve