Looking for the ideal boat for self

I have owned many boats from 12’ rec to 18’ surf ski and a few canoes.
I currently paddle primarily a Pungo 140 and a Stellar S14S. The Pungo is almost the ideal boat for me at this point because of its large cockpit and comfortable seat. I would like a similar boat capable of more speed with less effort.
Typical use is lakes , bays, and calm rivers.
Any suggestions?
Stellar makes S16S that I would love to have but it is too pricey.

If you stick with the Wilderness System or similar families (like Dagger), you likely will have the same seat as the Pungo, which you like.

A longer and/or narrower boat than the Pungo should be faster. So going from the 28" wide Pungo to a similar length Dagger Alchemy or Stratos or WS Tsunami 145 (all about 25" wide) should give you more speed. Narrower, of course, will means smaller cockpit, so you need to figure out if these would still be comfortable for you. Stratos definitely has a larger cockpit size than Alchemy. Not sure about the Tsunami.

The 145 Tsunami has the same seat and equal stability, despite the narrower width. It also pounds less than the Pungo in rough conditions. The smaller cockpit keeps the boat drier, and the narrower width gives it a slight speed edge over the Pungo. Although both boats have the same multi-chine shape, the narrower width of the Tsunami makes it easier to edge. The thigh braces give far greater control in both tracking and turning.

I loved my Duralite 140 Pungo, but would never go back to it and give up the handling advantage of the Tsunami. If you like the Pungo, the Tsunami is a natural transition and upgrade. No need for a rudder in the 145 Tsunami, if you know how to edge. The 3 feet additional length of the 175 offers a few tenths of an mph speed advantage, but also makes it harder to control without the occasional use of a rudder. Its also a real bear to carry and load, otherwise, the 175 would be my preferred kayak.

The 145 is great for a 190 lb through 230 lb paddler, but works up to someone around 255 lbs, which is a good starting range for the 175. Craig_S just bought a 170 Tempest and will soon compare it to his 175 Tsunami. He also has a new 145 Tsunami in the 25.5 inch width (I like my older model that’s 24.5 inches wide, but haven’t paddled the wider 25.5 inch version).

A quick look at the 40 and 38 lb Stellar 14 and 16, both are 17 to 20 lbs lighter than the 56 lb 145 Tsunami, or the 68 lb 175 Tsunami, but twice the price. However, both of the Wilderness Systems boats have at least 15 inch high decks that offer more leg/foot room, and they have larger cockpit openings. I want lighter, but I need leg and foot room.

Did you ever consider a HV CD Solstice (used?)

Get a foam custom seat in whatever you get (IMO)

I find the Solstice the best all round boat because it’s so fast and still roomy and comfortable. It just doesn’t turn or roll easy enough for me right now.
My husband wants to sell it before we move but I told him no, too expensive and difficult to replace.

Don’t know how it compares to a Pungo for efficiency but it’s roomy and comfy and seaworthy and light enough to piss off jyak.

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Oh, I like a Pungo, a lot. I just like the Tsunami better. The Pungo is not a “slow” boat by comparison. Slower than many boats, but very seaworthy. I crossed the Chesapeake Bay in it multiple times, a round trip distance of 21.5 miles. I bought the 145 Tsunami because it was more seaworthy, and the 175 Tsunami because It was even more seaworthy. I would never take the Pungo acriss the bay when there was a small craft advisory in effect. In either the 145 or the 175, It doesn’t bother me. I coukd give you the crossing times for 21.5 miles, but I’ve been told that isn’t realistic. Not sayong the Tsunamis or Pungos are best at anything, but the design fits me very well.

String likes the Pungo. All I can tell him is the Tsunami from the 125 through the 175 are roomy boats. I also have the 140 and the SP models. There are issues, such as weight, but I’d describe the model as the pick up truck of kayaks.

String has used a lot of boats, but it sounds like he selected the Pungo as his go to boat. The Tsunami is tighter, and its heavier than many boats, but as I pointed out, the cockpit is a bit larger than most other boats in that class.

I looked at the Stellar 14 and 16 ft models for price, weight, cockpit dimensions, and deck height. Looked at the CD line as well, but failed in price and they tended to be too tight for me and the GT or Titan (don’t remember the name of their model for big and sassy, but it felt too big.)

I still offer the same advice. My 145 is far too big for my sister. She preferred the Pungo 140 over my 145. Wouldn’t paddle my 145. So I took her to try out a 140 Tsunami. She loves it and would never give it up. Pick up trucks. I own one of them, and I drive a muscle car for daily driving, it goes with my head.

Thank you all for your responses. I neglected to mention that I prefer a SOT because of of back and leg problems. I have talked to a Stellar dealer and he thinks he can find a used S16S.

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Sounds like you are all set then, Sing! I was going to ask how you were going to use the boat since you already have a surf boat. You know my brand new Turning Point Petrel is up for sale at $1900 off retail! :wink:!

Scott L