Looking for used cradle type kayak holders that will fit square bars

I’m changing back to my old longer Thule square crossbars so I can carry 2 boats. These Thule bars are at least 20 years old and do have older kayak cradles (think that’s what they’re called?) but they’re rigid metal and don’t conform to the hulls like the newer versions. After seeing the price of new ones decided to get on here and ask if anyone has 2 sets they’re not using anymore and are willing to sell.

I’ve got Malone cradles on my Subaru but the cross bars are oval and the hardware won’t convert to the square bars.


What type kayak are you trying to use them with? I may have some.

Well, it’s a variety. Mine are a WS Tsunami 120, CD Whistler, LL Remix 9, Prijon Seayak. And whatever boat one of my friends happens to have for the day.

If you can find them the old discontinued Yakima Mako saddles fit round or square bars. That’s what we are using. We switched to these after several Thule saddles failed and Thule discontinued their lifetime warranty. Fit most sea kayaks very well.

Unfortunately we sold several spare pairs just last year.

It;s a shame but my favorites, the Thule 878xt, has also been discontinued.

Any cradle you find should fit either square or round bars, if they have a clamp type holder. Malone might be the best bet at the moment, Thule and Yak have seemed to move towards accommodating the paddlers that like those fishing barges, or sea cows, that are out now.

I will look thru the box. I have spares but not sure how many are in operating order.

Will check !

Didn’t realize the clamp on Malone cradles would actually work? right now they’re on the oval factory cross bars - I’ll have to try them on the square ones so at least that will be one less thing to buy. Thanks!

Spring Creek cradles conform to the hull and will fit on square or round crossbars. Machined aluminum for the metal pieces and rubber cradles.

You’ll need to order online, because I have never seen them sold in stores. We still have ours on two sets of round bars (one set of 78” wide bars and one medium set, which is 68” IIRC).

Looks like they’re still available. Kayak Saddles – Spring Creek

Thule used to make a cradle similar to those Spring Creek cradles, best cradles I every had.