Looking for used Paddlingsport canoe paddle adapter for Concept II

Hello all,

After getting talked into filling in for another paddler for the Adirondack Canoe Classic on very short notice I found myself enjoying the experience and looking forward to future extended paddling adventures. Obviously fitness is a huge component to enjoying such an adventure as well as performance. To that end I’d like to do some paddling specific work over the winter to be better prepared for next season. The deep layers of ice and snow that we will have locally for the next few months make on water training impossible.

I already have a Concept II C model that could be adapted with a PaddlingSports Canoe Paddle adapter but am held back by the buy in cost for a new unit. If one of you has a unit that you find you’re not using I’d be interested in it at a fair price. Better to have someone using it than have it sit in the closet/cellar…

Let me know if we can work something out.