looking for V- Sail options

Does anyone know the difference between Pacific Action sails vs. Primex sails? Has anyone used either with positive results?

Pacific Action
I have a Pacific Action sail and like it. They are only suitable for down wind use and IMO within about 60 degrees of downwind. They are very quick to raise or lower under way if you decide conditions aren’t suitable for them.

You can read what I and others had to say about them at http://www.paddle.com.au/forum/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=10&MessageID=21 My comments are on the second page. Hope this helps.

Pacific Action Sail
is fairly adjustable, and when mounted on my Prijon Kodiak I can at times even manage a wee bit of a tack out of it.

Really a blast in the warmer months on my Tarpon 160. I use enlarged tandem rudders on all boats, as when the wind picks up a small rudder is easily overpowered.

My buddy has the stock rudder on his Kodiak, and Tarpon and cannot coax either boat into a beam reach, nor tack.

…don’t have any personal experience with the primex sail…did see a fella with one on a day we were sailing all around…didn’t seem to have near the flexibility as the PA sails.

Hope any of this is of use to you.

Feel free to e-mail if you care for more info / pics etc


thanks for the info
and the link. Lots of great information