looking for wilderness systems piccolo

I’m looking to buy a wilderness systems piccolo kayak and I understand they are no longer made, so I’m hoping to find a used one. Have been looking on craigslist and ebay, and thought I’d post here as well. I live on Long Island but would be willing to drive a ways to pick one up, or possibly have it shipped (if I can figure out a way to do that).

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I think there was one for sale posted on the Campmor bulletin board a month or so ago.

I didn’t notice that it was there the other day, but I wasn’t really looking.

Thanks! Do you have a link for that bulletin board? I looked around the store website but couldn’t find it.


It’s an old school cork bulletin board with paper ads held up with thumb tacks. You stand in front of it and read the ads.

Maybe if you call the store someone could take a look for you.

ah I see, thanks!
Ok now I understand, it’s an actual bulletin board … I had assumed it was an online thing. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s a campmor around where I live, but we have a few other outdoors shops, so I may have a look around those.


Check Pnet’s Classifieds, too
Occasionally a Piccolo comes up for sale there. It’s a fun boat that works well for small adults, not just kids. If you buy one, add some flotation in the ends because it does not have bulkheads.

Odd listing
This may be worth a call, if you can figure out what the phone number is:


places to look
beside those already mentioned:

go on sites for paddling clubs like the Northeast Paddlers, CASKA (Chicago Area Sea Kayakers Assn), the JSSKA club, etc. There’s often a online forum for members to sell boats and gear that’s open to public view.

check w. Boyscout/Girlscout organizations.

garage sales

as for shipping, the boat is plastic and small. It’s cheap and easy to ship. Whitewater boats get shipped by common carrier routinely and it’s under $100 to most commercial addresses in the U.S. Yup use yours or a friend’s biz address for best rates or if using Forward Air have it shipped to the FA terminal nearest you.

You can insure it as well for a few dollars.

Have the seller put a cardboard stiffener over the coaming, double wrap in bubblewrap, leave the toggles out so it can be hand carried or make handles at each end. This helps avoid the dreaded forktruck experience.

here’s one, but on the wrong coast

thanks everyone!
Many thanks everyone, I think I’ve found one being sold in Georgia, just have to work out the shipping but it sounds like it should be possible. I’m happy to finally get a kayak that fits me (I’m a very small person) and the design is wonderful – tried out a friend’s recently, and decided that I had to have this kayak! :slight_smile:

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

Hello, I have a Piccolo I want to sell, even though I love it, in the Orlando area. If you haven’t found one already, perhaps you would be interested.