Looking for WS Tsunami SP info


I am looking for some additional information about the WS Tsunami SP kayak from the resident WS expert.

The boat appears in several internet stores, but there is no information about it on WS site at all, and I did not get any responses from my e-mail inquiries.

My 10-year-old is getting ready to “graduate” up from a pure rec boat, Zydeco, and I thought that upgrading to Tsunami SP would be a sound move, but can barely find any info on it. My son did get to paddle one at a recent kayak demo, and was very impressed by it.

Wilderness Systems web site
The Tsunami SP is on the Wilderness Systems web site, http://www.wildernesssystems.com/ , but not among the other Tsunamis. At the top of the home page, click on “View the new 2007 Wlderness Products” and scroll down.

my kids
7 and 10 tried out that boat at the East coast Canoe and Kayak festival in charleston and loved it. My son has already hinted hat a sit on top woudl be a nice addition to his Ocean Kayak KEA. go figure…7 years old and he wants a fleet!


Bought one
for my kids age 7 and 10 to share. They tried the Acadia 10 several times and determined it is nothing but a “bath-tub” after paddling the Tsunami 120SP. Yup - we bought the Tsunami SP with a MTI kids PFD and Werner FG kids paddle. (though 200cm for a kids paddle is too long)

On the way home though, my daughter piped up from the back seat and asked if she and her brother could have Greenland Paddles like I had, carved to fit each one of them. sigh…its already begun…oh - and now they want wetsuits too!


that the flow of info is soooooo not there.

great boat for the SP’ers (Small Person) out there.

bulkheads, hatches, decklines, backstrap, NEW adjustale thigh hooks, narrow enough to edge well, tracks well and turns easily and effecient enough to keep up with longer boats…

we worked on this boat for 1.5 years getting it right. It has a top effective weight of 180lbs. I fit in it and can paddle it quite well. My feet are on the b/h but it does hold me up, hense the 180lb payload!

this help??



Thank you all who responded
Thank you all who responded.

Part of the problem is that the “New Product” link does not work from my computer, neither from IE nor from FireFox. I do not know yet why that is.

It looks like the SP would be a good boat, not only for my son, but for my wife as well. I’m sure that they can share. 8-))) Anyway, REI carries them right now for under $600, so I think I’ll go and order one.

Unfortunately, I do not think I can fit into it to try it out, as I’m pushing 200. 8-(. I’d have to stick to either Kestrel or my Wayland folder.

Clicking on Wilderness System Website
There appear to be two places to click on the top of the home page. When I click on the small type face “New Products” nothing happens. But when I click on the larger “View the New 2007 Wilderness Products” I get results. Try this:


I am amazed that a company as large as Wilderness Systems, with its great array of products, cannot get its web site up-to-date and working properly.

too busy
making boats…yeah that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



Thank you very much
Hermiting, Flatpick,

Thank you very much for your help.

Flatpick, you might want to check your web site. The specs listed for SP do not appear correct, more like 120 than the SP.

Anyway, WS now has a new very enthusiastic 9-year-old customer.

We’re moving on to bracing, bailing and over-keel recovery.

very coool
yep. I told 'em the specs were wrong…oh…about a month ago.

we’re buzy making boats…I guess.