Looking into a SUP fishing paddleboard.

These look like something i would enjoy on a few levels. Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations? I am seriously looking into the VIBE, however, that may be out of my budget for a 1st time buy. I came across a Brooklyn Kayak paddle-board (BKC UH-SUPYN ) that looks pretty alright and actually comes with the seat, My only concern is i haven’t found a lot of info on them, Figured i would throw this out here to the community for some feedback…Good or bad.
I normally yak rivers and creeks by the way. Look forward to your comments.

I don’t see the benefit. I kayak and SUP, my view is it combines the disadvantages of both kayaks and SUPs with no upside. The only upside I might see is that you can stand up and look down in the water and see the fish ( and scare them off), and I could probably fly-cast standing up on it, but that would be kind of sketchy. The chair looks horrible for efficient paddling. It also looks heavier than any kayak I own. I would stick to a canoe or SOT kayak for fishing. For ocean fishing I just don’t see it as a craft I would want to go in and out through the surf with gear and chairs etc.

Looks as if they expect you to stand to paddle and sit to fish. If it was the reverse, you might as well be on a SOT. But with fishing poles in the holders, you’re going to be limited in what you can do with that SUP paddle.

Nothing against SUP’s, but it puzzles me how some people think they are a “do it all” craft. You know there are a lot of SOTs you can stand on to fish - right? And nothing stops you from bringing along a SUP paddle and using it. Heck, I’ve used one in canoes.

Yes, i am quite aware that there are SOT’s that you can stand up on, just thought it would be something different to try out and it may serve two purposes in one vessel…as i enjoy doing both activities… separately of course…lol
Im never on the ocean, so that is not an issue for me.
Thank you for your input