Looking Kayak 4 Mi rivers and small lake

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Ok, We own two cheaper 10 foot kayaks and love them. I got them from the factory on sale. They are Sea-Doo by KL industries. Been using them a lot for a year now. What I like about them is they are 6 inches longer and more roomy than the Old Town otters that a lot of others around us and with us use. After using my friends otter the sea-doo keeps a straighter line while paddling. They have a nice storage compartment on the back that I use for various things.

Now in the near future I would like to get an improved kayak because I enjoy it so much. I Also, I have two kids that seem to do well in the rivers with our kayaks so there is a need to get a couple more. Of course I need suggestions.

Here is the type of water I like and kayak the most. Anyone from michigan has probably heard of the Pere Marquette River and the Pine river. These are the types of rivers we have kayaked the most. Also the Little Manistee river has a nice fast section that that is not cleared. Only on sometimes a home owner might clear something. Other than that we are talking lots of fallen trees and hazards. I really enjoy this. Also on the Pine there is a few section with level 2 white water. I would love to try some larger white water in the future.

We also have some small lakes up by our cabin that we Kayak but I prefer rivers.

So I am thinking I probably need to stay in the recreation category Kayak. There are a few I have in mind but I am not sure with out some experience in them which direction I should go. My next kayak list looks something like this.

Dagger Blackwater 10.5 or should I go 12
Wilderness sytems Pungo 10
Necky Manitou sport
Perception Acadia 11.5 or prodigy

I'm just not sure if a 12 would be to long in the tighter hazard type rivers. Also, I've hear that the blackwater tends to plow water more and the pugo is like paddling a bathtube. Both the Pungo and the blackwater have pretty good reviews but say they are a little slow. Is this because they are comparing to a longer touring or sea Kayak? If that is the case I may not notice because I've never paddled a longer yak.

I want light weight with the ability carry good weight. I am 6'2" and 200lbs. But I want it to be fast for its size, be easy to maneuver and track fairly well. Don't want much do I? Any one have experience with my needs and any of the boats listed?

Now I’m thinking maybe the Necky manitou sport for its light weight and narrow width.


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The current boats. The red a& blue ones are identical.

I know you may prefer an open cockpit
craft, but at least go to Liquid Logic kayaks and look at the Remix XP10. Fast enough for your present rivers and capable of very, very serious whitewater.

Liquid Logic also makes some nice open cockpit rec cruisers you might consider.

Wow that looks like a good option.


The Remix is a WW boat, which can be fun for the MI rivers…by the way, the Pine has barely class I…nothing remotely close to class II on it. The Boardman does have a short small class II on it.

You should hook up with others…then you can try out others boats to see what you like or don’t.

Look up WestMichiganPaddlers on the yahoogroups for a bunch of local paddlers in your area. Some of the boats you’ve listed are used by some in the group.


Funny thing about the pine is I don’t remember anything that crazy either. I saw it on 2 different internet sites. I must have got some bad info.

Demo night

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Well I went and demoed several kayaks last night. Perception acadia 11.5, carolina 12, wilderness pungo 10 and 12, tsunami 12.5 and so a few others. I really like the speed and tracking of most of these boats especially the tsunami and carolina. However, none of these boats would turn like mine and what I am used to. Seeing how I mostly do tighter river and would like to do higher level rapids I dont think any of the boats I tried is a good fit for me. Sure some werer really comfortable but take to long to turn. My little 10 foot sea-doo and can spin right around.

So now I want to find a Liquid Logics Remix XP 10 to try. These are a little more pricey so I might want to try one before dropping that kind of money. Just by my experience so far I think I will like teh Remix XP.