Looking like minded paddlers Mid-(nowhere)Missouri

I’m looking for other paddlers in my area that would like to meet up for skills practice or local river runs. I have quite a few years experience, and would like to get back into white water again…anyone around here interested in the same ? I use an open boat now, but have a plans to get a ww boat to start practicing in soon (Aside, I’m currently planning a trip to SE Missouri end-ish of July)

If you are interested in paddling whitewater in Missouri, you might consider joining the Missouri Whitewater Association. Whitewater paddling in Missouri above Class I is largely limited to the St Francis river, which has a relatively short season often limited to the Spring, and some creeks in the St Francis area which are even more seasonal. In late July, you may be limited to spring fed runs such as the Eleven Point, North Fork of the White, Current River, and lower Jacks Fork.