Looking to buy IK need advice on these

I’m looking to buy a 2 man IK. I am considering the West Marine Skedaddle, the Stearns Spree (B522), or the Advanced Elements Dragonfly 2.

I intend to use it in lakes, mild rivers and especially the bays around Long Island, NY.

The kayak will be used by me and my wife. We are both under 5"9/170 (my wife weighs considerably less). I also may substitute a six or eight year old child for my wife (for her sanity) or just take it out by myself (for my own sanity).

Any advice by anyone who has tried these will be appreciated.

would be my first choice, followed by Stearns. But if you can scrape up a few more bucks, I’d look into Innova. Sunny or Solar (tandem).

Do you mean any A.E.?
The only AE in my price range is the dragonfly2. Is that better than the Spree 2 or Skedaddle for my purposes?

AE Airframe,
I think they have a tandem. Really, the Innovas are perfect for what you are describing. Hate to dissapoint you, but the boats you are looking at are a small step up from beach toys. If you think you’ll go more than a mile or two, especially on the ocean bays, you should look at the next step up.

Good link for IK info:


IK AE=West Marine
I just spoke with Advanced Elements and they informed me that the Skedaddle is the same boat as the dragonfly --AE just puts the WM logo and colors on it for them. AE also makes an advanced frame which it also house brands as WM for them.