Looking to get a strip-built kayak

Length about 14’. No more than 14.5’

Width 23-24"

Depth 13"

Weight 40 lbs or less

Two bulkheads

To be used on lakes, including for camping

I understand general hull concepts line chines and shallow V, but I don’t know where to start choosing a design for a wooden kayak, to be custom built.

Any recommendations for an existing model?

Can plans for a plywood kayak be adapted for strip built?

Kit or not? (I’m not the builder.)

Chesapeake Light Craft

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Here's one that would appear to fit the bill perfectly:


Do you have much woodworking experience? The plywood stitch and glue kits are said to be relatively easy for first-time builders, but the strip-built kits are more labor intensive and call for a higher degree of woodworking abilities.

CLC also makes a few hybrid kits -- they have a stitch and glue plywood hull (which speeds and simplifies construction), but a strip planked deck (which looks beautiful and can be customized to your liking):


I've paddled the Shearwater and it's a nice boat.

It's worth exploring CLC's site. No, I haven't built one myself, but hope to one day, time permitting.

14’ Great Auk
Thanks for the recommendation. The specs do look about right, but the emphasis on “this is not intended for rough water” makes me wonder about the hull shape, which is not given.

Not even one bulkhead??

I’m not going to build this myself. I’m going to have it built.

Custom Kayaks
Sorry, missed the part about you not being the builder. If I were having one built for me – and cost were no object – I would probably start and end with these two guys:



Nick Schade designed the 14’ Auk and could certainly tell you about its performance in detail, possibly offering a modified version if the stock design doesn’t fit your needs.

There is no 14-footer currently in the Joe Greenley’s Redfish line-up, but he may be willing to design one for you.

Of course, cost is almost always the object, isn’t it?

Paddler size?
How big is the paddler?


Big enough to need a roomy cockpit and 13" depth, but I think the cockpit can be modified. Will be used for camping so 250 lbs or so load capacity is necessary.


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I saw this 14' Great Auk for sale a while back - I thought it was on p-net but the listing isn't there anymore:


I'm not sure if the price is reasonable, and don't particularly like the inlay, but thought you'd like to see one builder was able to put hatches on both ends of the design.
BTW - the hull shape is here: http://www.guillemot-kayaks.com/guillemot/node/35/draw

PS there's also the solo micro Bootlegger. It's more of a decked canoe, and not sure it would work for you, but it's just so cool looking I had to mention it (can you tell I want one?):


Who is the builder?
If you’re paying a few extra $1000 for a built kayak I hope they have done this before. My $.02 is that using S-glass is a minor expense in the big picture but worth it in non cosmetic areas like the interior and hull exterior.

That Mico Bootlegger does look sexy.
I’d like to try one.

I couldn’t read the specs, could you?

Length 14.0 feet

Beam 26.0 inches

Waterline Length 13.9 feet

Waterline Beam 24.6 inches

Design Displacement 259.0 lbs

Approx. Bare Boat Weight 32.9 lbs

More under the details tab, maybe you need a different browser?

Hmm, one of those instead of Mini Canak?
Now, if only I could find one already built to try.

Haven’t decided yet
I have a couple of options. Right now I’m focusing on the design.

Not strip, but S&G…

Look at the other CLC boats too - some of the shearwaters might be of interest.

There are also several versions of Pigmy boats in the 14’ range that came out recently…

There is some cool kayak design software by Ross Leidy on his site.


There is a moderately active discussion forum there as well. Some of the work people post there is amazing.