Looking to identify this 12.5 Fiberglass beauty

Just picked this up yesterday and it needs some TLC, looking to find the make/model… Hoping it looks familiar to someone out there.
Thanks in advance!

Wow! It looks like something off a fairground carousel!

My dad had one of those …


I’ll double that wow. How wide is it? Is that opening in the back supposed to be a hatch? Does it have a cover?

Would love to see a photo taken from the side, as well as the hull. High visibility for sure.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s cool looking.

I’m looking forward to whatever information comes out about it. It is certainly different. Almost looks like it should have open wheels like a Formula 1 race car. And what’s with the hole in the middle? Built in toilet?

It appears that the seated position is a good bit higher than the bottom, so enhancing instability. And l don’t see a good way to get flotation into it, unless it is hidden on those shapes up top. Seriously, are you sure this was actually used in the water? Would help to know the circumstances under which you found it.

It looks more like a hydrofoil before the engine is installed. Get it and install a Hobie Mirage Drive or some pedal drive. Definitely wild looking!

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