Looking to start canoeing. Would this work?

Hey I was looking to get into canoeing with my 11 year old son. I don’t want too big of an investment in the beginning. Would this be worth $200? And what do you think about those seats?

While I’m sure more experienced paddlers will chime in, I believe there is a generations-long tradition of starting out paddling in aluminum canoes. Glancing at the photo and assuming it’s in decent shape, I think it’s possible you can have a great time in that canoe and sell it later if you decide you’re way into paddling and want to upgrade. I’m guessing it would be hard to lose money on this if it’s in decent shape- see if they’ll throw in some paddles! Good luck and be safe!

No immediate worries about the seats, a folded towel might make them more comfortable on longer trips.

Looks fiberglass to me… I would pass on it.

Don’t take the lawn mower paddling. :wink:

You would need to do a closer evaluation on its integrity looking for damage and soft spots. I’d say $100 is a fairer price but if it is in fair shape that may vary depending on local demand. The seats are likely just fine for sitting on with a clean up, again if sound. I do worry about 1) the bottom looks pushed up in the photo and 2) how much water has soaked in on the ground side - it does look stained.


Ahh, not aluminum. My bad, sorry!