looking to upgrade and need some advice

hi all

just got into kayaking this year

the wife and I both got wilderness pungo 100 kayaks

for her it is good fit but for me it seems wrong

I am 6’2 230lbs and the kayak seems to be riding very low and that is with no or very little gear.

it looks like if I got caught in any bad weather that I would get swamped very easy and would be in trouble.

I am looking for a kayak that would fit my size (38 inch waist) and give me the ability to still kayak in lakes,rivers and ocean with the option to fish off it.

I am not going to fish all the time off the kayak but would like the ability to do so on occasion.

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated


Look at 13.5-15 foot boats
Open cockpits, 26-28 inch beam. Maybe the Loon 138. Maybe something in the Tsunami line. SOTs make good fishing boats.

Yep, a 14 footer, recreational kayak

Have you looked at the Tarpons?
140 or 160. SOT made for fishing.IMHO , you are too big for anything less than 14’.

You and I are about the same size.
My wife paddles a Pungo 12. I paddle a 14. I tried a 12 and it was a little tight for me. My Pungo 14 is also set up for fishing. Couple of rod holders, a cleat for an anchor, enough room behind the seat for a decent sized cooler, too.

Try out/demo some boats. But I’d look in the 14-16’ range.

Sorry,you should have asked sooner
but Pungos’ have a good resale value.

The 100 is definitely to small for you. The 120 would have been a better choice for both but you may like and will have more room in the 140.

Unfortunately these boats are much larger and heavier than the 100s. My question would be why you chose the 100s in the first place but that doesn’t matter now. I would at least sit in the boats in the store if you can’t demo them. Take your time, adjust the foot braces and seat back or back band then rock the kayak to get the feel of seated comfort. The ability to be comfortable in the cockpit doesn’t change on the water.

Happy paddlin’