looks like Mar. 7-10 starts it again ...

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..... for us . We aren't expecting to catch anything but we'll act like we are , well maybe one or two would be nice , but hey , the line will get wet and the camp equip. will get shaken out !! ... besides , we know what's will be happening not too long there after , so this is more a fever medice than anything else !!

not till may here
will still be ice fishing till end of march. season officialy opens first weekend in may here. most years there is still some ice yet…not much but enough to make canoeing still to risky for me water temp wise.

we will be watching
to see if the perch are in at Point Breeze. Soon, soon…

Fishinyak’s in my neck of the woods
We thought about getting on the river, but with steady winds at 20mph (or so), cold air, and snow in the mornings, we chose not to fish but just LOOK at the river instead.

The Shenandoah’s greening up a little. Hopefully she won’t have such a bad Spring this year.

My first trip PLANNED so far is May 3 on the Bay.

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well, we’re not going this week …
… change of plans … nephews’ a weeny !!! … just kidding …

we decided to wait a couple more weeks …

I vote he’s a weeny
half the fun is just being out there. Smelling springtime coming. Seeing the water moving. The sun shine on ya (even though its not hot, but its there) The smell of the water, talkin to folk…

Early Camping

I don’t blame you for wanting to do something about the fever…I salute you!

As I’ve gotten older, I find my taste for cool weather camping seems to be diminishing. It’s getting so I like to have a reasonable expectation of nights in the 50’s, at least. As for wetting that line, all I need are days in the 50’s, which except for this winter (colder than normal), we usually have that often enough to fish for trout all winter. Smallie fishing is very slow in winter, so I normally wait until warmer water for that.

I generally tie flies and teach fly-tying in the depths of winter. That way I can keep my hand in while enjoying a warm place on a cold winter evening.