Looksha II ?

Some of you out there have owned or paddled this craft.

Please share your experience with it.

I’m not considering racing, but hull effiecency makes for lighter work.

I’m kind of idly considering one for future touring, mostly coastal Florida.

I’d love the CD extreme, but you can pick up a Looksha II for a lot less $.

I’m 6’ 185#, pushing 50 pretty hard , probably would get by with 40 lb or less of gear, and may need to take 80# of water on some rare occasion. (Everglades)

Whatcha think?



Looksha II impressions

I paddled one for several days a few years ago.

I’m 6’3" and 245lb, and thought that the boat was great on flat water, but in anything more than light (1 ft) chop, the thing was just unusable.

The stability held up fine in rougher water, the problem was that the rudder ventilated so much as to be useless. This lead to endless sweeps with the paddle to get the boat back on course. My assessment of the boat is that simple. It definitely is faster on flat water than the Extreme (which I had for a couple of years).

Comfort in the Looksha II was actually pretty good - probably better than the Extreme. Maybe a larger (tandem sized) rudder might fix the rudder ventilation problem.

For a fast boat that can carry some load with a larger (6’ plus) paddler, the Epic Endurance is a boat to look at. At least as fast as the Looksha II, better in the rough, surfs better than any other sea kayak that I’ve ever been in. There are a fair amount on the used market. Spotty manufacturing, but a careful inspection should reveal a bum boat.

Hope this helps,


Hi tjalmy
I owned a kevlar Looksha 3 with the Smart Track rudder system for about one year. That boat was half an inch wider and eight inches shorter than the 2 but had the same hull design. You must use the rudder. I’ve since owned an Epic 18 and a QCC 700. You and I are about the same age. Remember in the mid eighties when Porsche came out with the 300 hp 930. Unbelievable fast. Now, that speed won’t even raise eye brows. There are sedans that go faster. Technology and designs change. I love my 700. It is faster than my Loosha, dryer riding, carries tons more gear for camping, rides waves better, much less tender, etc. You get the idea. Go paddle an Epic or a QCC with a gps if possible. Then go paddle the Looksha 2. Try and take them in the bumps. Take your snorkle with you when you paddle the Looksha.

If you can wait, go to one of the kayak festivals and try boats!

Good luck


can’t resist
i went paddling today with friends and Jeff was paddling his with a wing. a touch of wind and cold. he was the only one w/o drysuit. he was just a yakin to Ginni and Cindy and pop, he flipped. said it was the first time he had to ‘combat’ roll with the wing.

they are twitchy, in a different way than EX. they do like rough stuff. tons of rocker and highly maneuverable for a 20’er. he has a great rudder on his. he paddled it up at brooks peninsula a couple years ago.

here’s a link to jeff’s project.


ste ve

dont forget paddler skill
I’ve seen guides using the Looksha II and one told me that for a boat 20 feet long it is responsive enough to help clients when trouble arises and they have to get alongside quickly. I’ve got a II and a QCC700 and the storage is only slightly more in the QCC but of course a bit harder to get to in the Looksha.

Something amazing is a 20 foot kayak that weighs less than 42 pounds…

One thing can’t be argued-it is rudder dependent. As far as stability is concerned look at the numbe of races its been in and where. The waters of the San Juans are rarely flat!

Construction quality of mine was flawless upon reciept…it has some patina on it now as do all my boats.

My biggest complaint was the wait time but I learned that I ordered during a time when Necky was moving facilities. My next complaint on the Looksha II is that the deck fittings are not recessed.

Comfort is suprisingly good and I’m also 6’ 189 pounds.

Another thing is the aesthetics. To me its just a beautiful kayak, but then again I think the same of the Valley Q-boat :slight_smile:

pic of Looksha II for those
who dont know the boat/curious:


If you get this one, can I get the
CD Extreme?

Your wife,:slight_smile: