looksha or chatham??

I am debating between a necky chatham & a necky looksha (both 17’) I have paddled both and like them both, the Chatham is faster, sleeker and turns well which I like and I like the Chatham best but I don’t care for the uncomfortable seat, The Looksha has nicer features incl the better seat. Question is which would be a better choice to put a sail on? and can I do this? Thank you.

you can always adjust and modify the seating. I was in the same debate aswell with these 2 boats. I went with the chatham 17 and glad I did. The chathams are much more performance oriented, slender and faster. Low volume though, but I didn’t mind as I’m more into performance and play. I always thought of the looksha as more of a big fat barge and heavier too. You can’t go wrong with a chatham if you are performance driven. Also self rescues and rolling in the chatham are much easier… Remember, easier to modify comfort and seating then it is to try to make a looksha have more performance and playfullness. Just my thoughts though…

for sailing…

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For sailing, I'd go with the Looksha. The main reason is that it has a rudder.

I've used a WindPaddle sail on a rudderless boat, and it works, but it is much easier on a boat with a rudder. On rudderless, it is challenging to use your paddle as a rudder and control the sail lines at the same time.

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I would have to agree with peter-CA, if you’re using a sail more often then i would go with a looksha.

I have also noticed that in calm water the chatham 17 is kind of boring, so unless you’re paddling in alot of rough water the looksha wins again (even though i personally don’t like rudders)

The rudder also helps if you plan on doing any fishing, you can controll the boat with your feet while you cast

For sailing
I’d get a sail boat.

sailing on a chatham?
The Chatham does have an easy to use skeg instead of a rudder. And yes, I do love sailing the small boats ie 17 'ers but thought it would be nice to incorporate 2 enjoyable activities into one. Suppose I (some how?) attach a small sail to the Chatham, hmm wonder if that might work, what do you think?

“hmm wonder if that might work, what do you think?”

It’ll be a lot of work for sure! :wink:

Well, yeah…
…but I’ve yet to paddle in placid conditions with any boat that could make the experience “exciting.” I think Chatham fans are so energized by its performance characteristics that they are let down when just cruising around.

The Looksha is a great boat that is very versatile. But it IS pretty big, even for the high-volume class.