Looksha Sport LV skeg box?

I’ve just acquired a Necky Looksha Sport LV poly kayak. It has some kind of a plastic patch on the bottom running forward from the stern about 25cm. The previous owner didn’t know why it was there.

I was thinking that the same person who removed the rudder and lost the hatch cover might have also put the crappy-looking patch on the bottom to cover a slot for a drop down skeg, but I can’t find enough documentation for this kayak to tell if it had one. Can anyone tell me?

any other signs of a skeg?
Cable fittings or holes in the rear bulkead?

Sounds like a place that might be the first to wear thin. Maybe it’s just a patch.

I don’t believe…
… the Looksha Sports ever had an internal skeg, at least none I’ve ever seen or paddled. I’ll second slush’s suggestion of a keel patch on an area that’s highly susceptible to wear.

BTW, Ted, I see you’re from Crockett. Are you familiar with BASK?