Loon 120

I just bought an older Old Town Loon 120. I am puzzled as to what is underneath the kayak on the back. There are some counter-sunk nuts that look like they are for attaching something to the kayak (skeg?). Does anyone have any info on this?


sacrificial strip
I’ve got an older loon double, and the last foot or so of the stern has a strip of black plastic attached to the hull with countersunk screws. I figured it was just a wear strip, since that is often where plastic boats get holed, from being dragged too often.

My wife owns a Loon, which she loves I might add. The black strip is simply a reinfrcing strip to protect the keel from being worn down. Rec boats take the most abuse along that point, pretty good idea I thought.

Thanks for the info.

It also makes a handy place
to mount the fish finder transceiver. Although mine really doesn’t find that many fish.