Loon 126

Anybody have an Old Town Loon 126 that could comment on how they are? We have a pair of Heron 11XTs and are thinking of moving up.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Also, anywhere in Fl (Citrus County) or near Melborn where we might see one?


What mean by moving up?
The Loon 126 is the same as the Herons in its intended use. Not on open water such a ocean or big ocean bays, etc. You would be replacing a two shorter rec boats with one longer one, no gain in paddling environment. Likely a bit faster.

Sooo… what exactly do you mean by moving up?

moving up :slight_smile:

Actually, we are looking for better tracking, more comfortable seating. A bit better built kayak. We are not looking for any big water boats. Our big water boat is a 34’ Irwin Sailboat.

And, I’m 70 in April. :slight_smile:

Thanks for making me think.


WS Pungo 140.

In that case…
For tracking and seated comfort I may agree with string on the Pungo line.

126 / 140
Part of our challenge is the space needed to get two kayaks on deck of the sailboat. The Heron 11XT was tight, the 12’ 6" will be tighter.

OK - you are out of my league
I didn’t realize this kayak had to live on the sailboat. Whatever works… Other idea is a folder, maybe the best space-saving idea, bute if you actually needed it as a life boat you might not have time to assemble it.