Loon 138 bulkhead installation help

Has anyone ever installed a rear bulkhead in the Loon 138? I have the minicell foam and H2 Glue ready to go but am looking for advice (or inside dimensions!) for cutting the foam to the proper size. Hoping to install at the high point between the rear hatch and rear of the cockpit. TIA.

have never
done it but I would cut a template out of light weight cardboard first. Once you have that so it fits good trace it onto the form.

However, I have been told that NO glue will stick to the Rotomolded plastic boats. You might be better with air bags and dry bags

so how are the bulkheads put in
plastic boats now? Ihave a tempest 170 in plastic with foam bulkheads.

what do they use?


Cut the foam slightly oversize and wedge
it into place. Even minicell has give and should wedge tight.

Email me for instructions
I’ve got some written up that I’ll email back to you.

I have asked the same
question several times. I was told that there is a professional grade glue which is very complex to mix, very expensive and requires a machine to apply that the builders use. And was told that those of us that aren’t builders should not even try to use it, even if we can find it.

Well, I went ahead and
overcut the minicell foam, wedged it in as tightly as I could get it after applying the H2 Glue, and then actually used some clear caulking along the edges at the bottom to keep water from passing underneath. I don’t think the foam is going anywhere on its own so hopefully this solution will work. I’ll report my results after my next paddle.

Thanks all!

It appears to be working. After several outings the foam is staying in place and the caulking is holding with no leaks underneath it into the back compartment. Paddle on!