LOON 138 Hatch Cover

Does anyone know how to get an OLD Town LOON hatch cover, and is it worth installing a bulkhead in a loon 138? Is the any recommended kits or materials?

I would suggest
contacting Old Town direct. They used to sell hatch covers for the 138. I don’t know if they are still available or not.

OT no longer show hatch covers for
the 138 on-line. A year of so ago, I looked into them and they were a back order item. Don’t believe there was ever much demand.

I filled the extremities of the bow and stern of my Loon 138 with float bags. Nothing slides back in far enough to need hatch access. Didja ever swamp one of those babies? I’d rather have the bags than the cargo space. (You will need to install your own eye bolts to tie float bags to.)

Swamping my Loon, thats something
I can live without even with float bags.

It’s a lot of work
but I highly recommend doing it at least once, in a safe environment. (Particularly to the less experienced.)

old town no longer produces this cover due to low demand. has anyone ever made their own hatch cover for a poly boat? possibly glass or maybe just neoprene.

Have you considered adapting another
hatch/cover? I don’t know that the placement or size of the hatch is sacrosanct and can’t be made larger. I’ve not installed a hatch, preferring to load from behind the seat. But, neither have I bulkheaded the hull.

I’ve swamped a smaller rec kayak.
It is an experience you don’t forget. Especially if in a lake filled with 10-12 foot gators and hydrilla. Hydrilla wraps around your legs and is nasty stuff. It wasn’t intentional, but it does teach you a lot.