Loon 138 rigging Pics

Does anyone have any pictures of their Loon 138

rigged for fishing? (Rod holders,fishfinders, etc)


Here’s a rigging picture for a Pungo.

Its not mine, but similar to a picture I had of a Loon rigged for fishing. Sorry, but appear to have deleted the email with the picture. I’ve done something similar to my Necky rec kayak I use for fishing, except my rod holder is mounted to the kayak itself. I built a deck platform that fits partly over the cock pit, mounted my depth finder on it, and also built a three sided box about 3 inches high on top of the platform for my tackle box and small softsided cooler. No underneath tray, its too tight of a fit. My platform is larger than the opening and is secured by aluminimum bar stock that runs underneath the platform, has holes drilled in it and the platform for screws and wingnuts, and is slightly longer than the cockpit opening its wide. It runs under the cockpit coaming and the wing nuts get tightened down. Hope this helps.

Loon 138

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Thanks for the Picture. I am planning to mount a fishfinder on a tray similar to the one in the picture. I have a Scotty rodholder that I plan on mount on the right side of the cockpit and forward so it won't interfere with paddeling.


The tray system works well. It allows
you to bring your tackle and rigging work up close and to have a surface to work on, especially helpful if using cut baits. I also like my depth finder mounted to the tray. It allows me to use it with my canoe…just take the tray to the canoe. Haven’t set up the canoe for the tray yet, but am thinking on it.