Loon 138 Seat Position and Handling

I’m 6’3" and 245, and I’m I’m interested in buying a post-2005 Loon 138. Since I would prefer, or even require, the seat to be in the full aft position, I would like to know if I would end-up in a bow-high situation, compromising tracking and handling? From the photos on OTC’s web site, it appears that in the full aft seat position, a paddler would be seated well past the kayak’s mid-section. Can anyone comment? Thanks

the foot pegs
are also adjustable, between theseat and the pegs you should be able to trim the boat level.

6’3" 230 lbs
no problem for me.

While not as tall, my weight is about
the same. For me, the Loon paddles best with the seat moved up a bit. It rides higher than I like with it back. It may be different on the newer Loons, mine is a 2003 model. You just have to play with it to find what works best.

You shouldn’t
have any trouble trimming the boat. There is a lot of room under the foredeck for your legs, as well as adjustment for the foot rests. I also have a Loon 138 and use it as a frieghter for camping gear. Great boat for my uses.

I’m your huckleberry
We’re the same size. The Loon 138 is a good big boys kayak. I have my seat all the way back and it trims out just fine. Of course I have all my daytripping gear shoved into the bow so it helps to counter-balance the boat.