loon138 vs durigo140

I am wanting to get a new boat and really like the old town line and the old town $$

I am kind of torn between the loon 138 and the durigo 120 or 140 any advice?

I will be paddling on flat water and possible

the montery bay. could possable do some 2 or 3 day camping trips also

any help would be cool

I read reviews for both but there are not a lot of reviews for the durigo



Loon vs Dirigo
I own the Loon 111 and the Dirigo 120 and both are great and very stable. The Loon is about 10 lbs lighter but has no storage compartments (or cup holder) both of which the Dirigo has. Both paddle very well (for a beginner guy over 55 like me) but I prefer the seat,comfort and storage of the Dirigo 120.

The 138 has a bunch of storage room
and very stable with a shallow draft due to it shallow v bottom…

whitch one do you like ??
whitch kayak do you like the best turtlewatchin ??

Loon Fan
I’ve got a Loon 138 and I love it. I’m a big and it has a lot of room and is comfy. It can carry a lot of gear and is easy to get into and out of. I’ve never used to Dirgo 140 but another P-netter said he got rid of his to go back to the Loon 138. I can take the kid with me just as easy in the Loon also. Great boat.

Rec yak 3 day ocean camping???
I love the Old Town Loon plastic, but that said I think you are looking at the wrong boats. I was watching this thread and all the Sea Kayakers ignored it- so I’ll stick my foot in it.

The plan is long distance, with a lot of stuff, in cold water, in a little kayak with a big hole it the top. (I’m trying to be nice but it’s getting ugly) Are you talking the Monterey Bay in CA – the one with the cold ocean water?

I’m not the expert but I would say you need to look at something like a Perception Carolina. smaller cockpit opening, dual bulkheads….


I bet that if you ask what is a better kayak than a Carolina for camp/touring on Monterey Bay we get a better answer.

Let’s play, I’ll serve: you could get a Prijon Expedition, same length, dual bulkheads, -doesn’t track as good needs rudder, +better hatch covers, cockpit opening smaller, -distribution may be a problem, -parts and accessories seem to arrive on an annual basis -more dollars.

$$ is an issue
I don’t plan on going out on montery bay camping

more like smaller lakes for camping I just plan on going out on the bay for short day trips.

also the cost of old town is a lot more in my price range then perceptionI just sat in a dirigo

at REI they don’t carry the loon but I really want to try them on the water.

there really isn’t a lot of reveiws on the dirigo

so thats why I started this post I just wanted to be informed before I make that choice

I am also a tall plus size women and I really can’t sqeeze my big ass in the tiny cockpit openings

very roomy !!!
recreational kayaks are alittle wider and have big cockpits. I can enter and exit my Pamlico 140 very easily. It’s very comftorble. That is one of the reasons rec boats are made. to be roomy, comfy, and stable !!! I’m starting paddling soon too !! I allready own a kayak , Pamlico 140, and I will start when school ends. good luck !

I’ve a 138 and love it, though its not
the fastest kayak out there, for sure. Tracks very true, turns like a truck, but it’ll get the job done. Couldn’t ask for better stability and, if you look around, you may find one used at a good price…paid $300 for mine used. Gobs of room, but do use dry bags if carrying gear for camping.