loooking for a second kayak, weight ?

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I have a tandem kayak (preception rambler) that the wife and I use and I solo fish out of. still new at this.

I am looking at a pelican trialblazer for solo in smaller creeks and small lakes (43 acres)and just exploring.
I am 240 pounds limit is 275. I will have at most small clapsable rod and water bottle. pdf, paddle.
what do you think. not worried about being slow. just swamping it

I suspect you’d be happier in something
with a bit higher weight capacity, say at least 300#. It’s gonna ride a little low. Remember, if you get wet, your clothes weigh a lot more wet. Any water gets in the boat, there’s another 8 lbs a gallon. With a bit higher weight capacity, such as with a sit on top, or a 12’ kayak, then you could paddle and fish without worrying so much that a passing motorboat’s wake would take you out before you could get in optimal position to ride it. You could also carry a small picnic cooler, and a dry bag with some essentials, and not have to worry about your every move.

It’s sort of the difference between seeing a water skier go by and thinking “wheee, surf, fun” and “OH NO Uh OH.”

I don’t know where you are, but I know that where I am, sometimes the afternoon wind can create quite a bit of chop/wave, too, even on the river. Wind/current/motorboats= lotsa up/down/splash in those shorter boats.

I had one real similiar
Potomac 100, at around 240. It didn’t swamp, but not by much, and was a real dog to paddle because so much of the boat was underwater. So that was the wife’s boat and I got a Potomac 120, same thing in 12’. I have said it was the only boat I regret buying because for what I paid for a big pool toy I could have gotten a much better boat used. I am by no means a boat snob but that is what people mean by “kayak shaped piece of plastic”

You do not need a 10’ boat for small streams. 12 and even 14 can handle all but the smallest drainage ditch and have a shallower draft.

If you know you like paddling and it’s something you want to do look at 12’ or better. Especially big guys like us. If $ is an issue consider waiting until after the summer and getting something used. I see those 10, pelicans all winter long for $150.

so I guess I should just be happy with my tandem that the 13.5 shouldn’t be a problem soloing the creeks. I have only had it on the small lake.

I just happen to see that other one on sale and thought the 3.5 shorter and 6 inches less width would be better. I also was looking at a 300# rated one in that size

Narrower is good
No doubt it would be easier to paddle than the tandem, I imagine the tandem is a lot of boat to be moving through the water, but in my experience when you crowd the upper limit of a boat it doesn’t paddle as well as it would for someone lighter. I don’t think you will like riding as low in the water as you probably would.

How does the other boat get #300, is it a lot wider? You gotta displace x amount of water, you either do it with length, width, or draft.

Try the boat you got on the stream you have in mind one time and decide for yourself if length is an issue before you buy a new boat. Longer = narrower.

If you’re set on a boat from Dick’s, back when I was buying there, I noticed they went on sale about every 6 weeks. I know the itch for a new boat but believe me they won’t run out!

it is a inch wider i guess that makes the 25# diffrence.

the tandem is not much bigger than my buddies tarpon 120 fishing kayak. 4in wider 1 foot longer.

I guess I need to try mine on the creek first.

well I did it
I went ahead and got the 10’, 29" wide pelican maverick. got it at lunch time then took it out on the lake and through the tight standing trees of the back water. 20 mph wind and is was causing about 6in chop.

I played around until my fingers was numb.@2hrs. it wat 48 with out the wind chill. all I can say it was a joy once I relaxed. wasn’t effected by wind much. had this rolly feel to it until I relaxed and let my hips do its thing. lot faster turning and paddling. tracked nicely into the wind. I got a lot of wow out of it. if this is this great then the higher end longer narrow kayaks must be like a f16 fighter lol

Good for you
And if you think that’s amazing, go drop $200 on a paddle! Night and day!


honestly my paddle and pfd was my first upgrades. I traded my paddle in after the first run for a carbon fiber one, I love it. since the wife doesn’t paddle I still kept the cheap one for a spare.