loop on canoe bow front

wonder if there any paddlers that have knowledge and did this techinque of putting a loop{rope/lanyard]on the bow of canoe…did remeber seen it before on the meesage board.would like to do one for my canoe…may the current be with you

what material is canoe? NM


where to attach it?
A few of the Cliff Jacobson books (including Canoeing Wild Rivers, which has a new name in recent editions) have instructions for attaching a line to the bow near the waterline of the canoe, as opposed to up high. Putting it at the waterline is better for towing. But it’s a bit of a project, since the hole is guaranteed to get wet and you need to make it watertight.

If I were attaching line high up on the bow, I would just drill horizontally through both surfaces and thread the line through the two holes. Maybe add reinforcing rings to the holes if there will be a lot of load on the line. If your boat has flotation chambers in the ends, be sure to drill above them!

– Mark

One Appraoch
A friend put a bow line anchor on his Novacraft by drilling thru the hull’s bow just above the waterline, then placing a section of PVC pipe thru the hole. He sealed and attached both ends of the pipe to the hull with a ring of epoxy putty. The bow line was then just passed thru the pipe, making a strong attachment point that allowed for better dragging of the canoe thru the shallow streams and small gullies we have in this area. Worked well.

loop on the bow front
it old town pathfinder model…right noe i have the rope or yanyard on the hadnle of the bowpart that you carry}same as back[stern]…thanks for all those paddlers for inputs…hate to drill or poke holes on canoe…

all the above

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suggestions are good. Just looked up your canoe, nice looking, it's royalex, so the tugeyes would work. You have no alternative other than drill, unless you simply attach the line to the bow thwart, which has worked on my Reflection for 7 years. If you do the project yourself, I recommend a piece of plastic tubing the same size as the holes, with an inside diameter slightly larger than the line you're using. Stick this through the holes, cut the ends off about an inch from the canoe, and use a little waterproof caulk ( I like Lifecaulk) to seal the tube/canoe junction. This makes your hole watertight, and eliminates chafe on your line and wear on your canoe. It's easier to line up than pvc if your holes aren't in line, and it's also easier on the line.