Loop ring for roof-top carrying

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Not sure what it's called, but I want to put a loop of some sort on my plastic kayak so that I can secure the boat's end with rope when I have it on my car's roof rack.

My first choice was to use a simple stainless steel eye hook and just bolt it thru the hull and attach it with sealing (rubber lined) washers on both sides and a locking nut from the bottom. My local hardware store has all of this for $3.

While I was writing the above, I remembered my Pyranha Burn has fabric loops for carrying/rescue. So, my second option would be instead of an eye hook to use a short length of belt. Again, the hardware store has them at $0.50 a foot, so that will take care for the front and back -;)

Right now I use a rope around the front of the boat and loop it thru the front carry handle. But the handle does not look well attached, pus the manual says not to use it for this purpose...

I'll probably go with the fabric version, since I think it will be less subject to damage should I hit it with something while paddling or handling the boat, plus it will fold flat and can also be used as a second rescue handle or to pull the boat.

Ideas on the construction/material are also welcome.

I'm not afraid to drill the boat, but want to keep it elegant and functional -;)

Since you can apparently reach

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far enough into the bow and stern, why not install a couple of SS U-bolts? They are available in mant hardware stores and most marine stores. For your application 1/4" dia should be sufficient. A great place to attach a bombproof carrt toggle, too.

U-bolts are used by Mariner, QCC, and other manufacturers.



I looked at these and for some reason dismissed it. Probably because the store did not have stainless steel-looking ones. I should re-check.

The QCC one looks good. I have actually not checked how far can I go…

Only thing with the U-bolt is the same issue as with the Eye hook - it is rigid and sticks-up from the hull. But is stronger at the mount point as it is attached in two places rather than one.

I even thought of just drilling a hole cross the hull left to right and gluing a piece of pipe inside it so that I have a "built-in hole in the top of the bow for a rope to go thru…

What boat do you have?

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I should remember I guess but I forgot. I am wondering why you couldn't run it under the perimeter line and just pull over liberally if you think you see the bow moving around. Unless you are carrying on a vehicle where you can't see the bow while driving...

You said…
“Right now I use a rope around the front of the boat and loop it thru the front carry handle. But the handle does not look well attached, pus the manual says not to use it for this purpose…”

If the carry handles are not sturdy enough to tie it down, they’re not sturdy enough to carry it.

Carry handle
The carry handle is sturdy enough. The issue is that they are “retractable”, by means of being attached to an ellastic cord. When I tie to that cord or directly to the handle, they constantly move and will trad-up very quickly due to friction. THe same holds tru for the perimiter line.

The handle assembly (the elastic & rope, not the handle itself really) is strong enough to withstand infrequent strong pulls, but is not at all designed to withstand constant light pulls that would wear the moving parts very fast.

Tsunami 145
I have done that a few times, if I understand your sugegstion right. Just don’t like the way it works (some of the friction wear comments I made in my other reply probably apply to it as well). Plus I think a dedicated hook/loop should have a stronger attachment point than what I think is a very small bolt for the line.