loose bolt on seat of Pungo 120

Just bought a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120. Took it out a few times and love it … But just noticed a bolt on the seat bottom was protruding and needless to say uncomfortable… and it won’t simply screw back down. Anyone have similar situation or thoughts before I drive it back to dealer 80 miles away?!? Thanks in advance.

what and where?
describe please. I can help if you wanna save a drive.

can you shoot me a picture?


under right cheek
sitting in my kayak, the protruding bolt would be directly under your right cheek! it looks like it just needs to be tightened up, screwed back in, but doesn’t catch any threads. i can send a pic of said bolt in a couple of hours when i am home. thanks for your thoughts!!

the only thing under the cheek is the plastic pine tree fastener that holds down the seat pad. It PUSHES straight in and had little arms (limbs) that catch.


that’s it!
yes that’s it - the plastic fastener has popped up. i bought this kayak 2 weeks ago, brand new but sold as factory blemish model so saved a little bit. if i cant get the fastener to snap back in then i am returning the boat and paying full price for a first quality model. thanks so much for your help steve!

Limited Warranty
You should have some kind of limited warranty on that refurb Pungo. I’d call the dealer and make sure. No need to spend several hundreds of dollars more if they will fix the seat for free.

I bought both of my kayaks as “refurbished” and they have served me well. The only thing wrong with both of them is that the decals were not on straight. Saved me $300 on each yak!

no need
the plastic fastener should pop back down providing it’s lined up with the holes in the seat AND the leg lifter. You may just need a new pine tree fastener.

no need to get excited and throw more $$$ at it!