Loose Paddle Ferrule

My trusty Werner Camano kayak paddle, with fiberglass shaft, is starting to get a little loose around the ferrule. It seems not to be the actual slip-joint itself, but rather the small hole for the old-style silver push button, which predates Werner’s newer micro-adjustable ferrule.

As I say, the joint still seems snug, but the silver locking button fails to keep the left half of the shaft from sort of ‘klunking’ around the right half.

My first thought is to simply fill the hole with epoxy, then carefully re-drill and file it back out to its original, pre-worn size, essentially making an epoxy ‘bushing’. Alternatively, I suppose I could use the old sloppy-joint fix of applying multiple coats of varnish or epoxy to the button itself. Both methods seem like they might soon wear out again …

Any other ideas?



You could drill a new set of holes and move the button, just line everything up as it is now.


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works just fine filling the hole with epoxy and re drilling....just let the epoxy cure at least a week before actually using.

use a backing inside. spring load it with a piece of mini cell foam....block it level and fill it up then walk away for several hours. pull the backing after about 8 to 12 hours.

The hole can be re drilled in 2 or 3 days and then let it cure another day before filing (or I use a dremmel with a tapered stone).

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