Loose skeg - believe it or not

Usually, when I read here about skeg troubles, the problem is a sticky skeg. However, the skeg on my Wilderness Systems 170 Pro is so loose that it lowers itself while I am paddling. Can anyone suggest a fix that won’t cause the pendulum to swing too far in the other direction - or worse?



works too good!
it will stiffen a bit with some time but for the meanwhile if you put a slight tweak in the metal tube/ slider but ‘gently’ bending it out a touch, it will create some friction.

I put the slider knob right in the middle of the slider box (skeg 1/2 way deployed) and then grab with a pair of needle nose and gently pull the tube till it bends just a touch.

try that


Store with the skeg down?
Might help preserve tension in the system, depending on the specifics of how yours is rigged.

bungy cord
Use a bungy cord as index for your skeg - tie one end around skeg knob, slide the other under deck bungies. Use knots for indexing.

thie was just talked about the other day
in the Tempest lovers yahoo group…


cmon on over…