Loreto to La Paz Questions

questions about the route between Loreto and La Paz regarding fresh water. I’m looking at paddling the trip using a Feathercraft Kahuna and would like to do a water resupply along the way. The Kahuna takes careful planning for trips longer than 6 days hence the need.

In past trips through this area has anyone obtained/purchased water from any fisherman or ranches? such as Los Delores Ranch, Tembabiche, etc. If so, do you get any resistance?

I haven’t been to Baja since 1989, whats the reason why everyone seems to depart Loreto down by Aqua Verde rather than just launching just south of town?

Entering La Paz, is it still doable to paddle directly into town, I know the harbor is a mess but looking to avoid an out of town arrival and having to arrange a shuttle?

Also, has anyone heard anything regarding camping permits for the 08 season, even for trips outside the parks?

minimal number of towns
I did this as part of a tour group last March. There are minimal numbers of towns in the area. Most are just a couple of houses. I don’t think any have running water.

There was a beach on the mainland with water that comes down from the mountains. I think most of the locals would come over from time to time to fill up on water from there. You would probably still want to filter this water.

There looks to be a published map that our guides had that marks some locations where you may be able to get water. Blue ink map on waterproof paper.

It may be easier to arrange with one of the tour companies to carry some extra water for you. If they are out there with a group, it may be easy for them to carry some extra water along.

Here a Blog post from my trip:


Thats the alure of the route
few people and few towns. I am planning to check with a few outfitters to see if they are willing to reveal some info. Enough people paddle the area, I should be able to find out the scoop.

Your pics look great, its nice there.

You might also try posting your question
on the Baja Nomads website. They are a wealth of Baja knowledge, from ex-pats who live there or visit there a lot.

Loreto to La Paz
I’ve done this trip twice. There are two places to get water: 1) The village of Agua Verde and 2) San Evaristo. You might also be able to get some at Rancho Dolores, but I never have, so I can’t say for sure.

Agua Verde is about 35-40 NM south of Loreto, just before you get to Pta. San Marcial. The water is next to someone’s house and is in a 55 gallon drum. It’s free, but they’ll take a tip. Just pull up on the beach and ask someone where the water is. It’s fine to drink it as is.

San Evaristo is another 40 NM south of Agua Verde and right across from Isla San Jose. They actually have a water treatment plant/building there. The trick is finding the person who has the keys, since he might be out fishing. You may have to wait. I’m not sure, but I don’t think we had to pay for that either. There’s also a little general store there where you can get fruits, soda, chips and all kinds of stuff. Ask in there about who has the keys to the water treatment building.

Re the put in: you can leave directly from Loreto, but the first 20 miles are a little boring and not a lot of good camp sites. I think the best place to put in is at Puerto Escondido or even a little further south at Ensenada Blanca (Bahia Candelero). If you put in at Agua Verde you miss 20 miles of absolutely spectacular scenery. Also, by putting in at Puerto Escondido you can go over to Isla Danzante to start your trip. Great place.

Re the take out: no reason you can’t paddle right in to La Paz, but the issue there is that the last 40 miles are totally boring. I have always taken out at Punta Coyote. You can arrange a shuttle from Pta. Coyote down to La Paz with Baja Outdoor Activities (BOA). We’ve always had 5-6 people in our group so the shuttle cost wasn’t too bad.

As far as I know you only need permits for the National Park (Carmen/Danzante/etc) and Espiritu Santo. You can check this out with Ben Gillam at BOA or any of the other outfitters.

Thanks alot for the info!
That was exactly the kind of info I needed.