Lorna canoe?

Found someone selling a canoe based on a “J.G. Brown Lorna 16 design”. 16’9" x 32" wide. Semi V hull. Not woodstrip, they say it’s kevlar and carbon.

I’ve been on the lookout for something like a Malecite, Northstar, or Kipawa and this looks to be pretty close, but maybe a bit narrower. Google was a pretty big let down, couldn’t find anyone who had paddled one.

Anyone here have any experience with them? Usage would be as a small tandem for mainly day trips and possibly a few week long trips (I pack pretty light). Also pressed into light solo use on occasion.

The only references I found to it mentioned its lack of primary stability, which is so subjective I don’t know now to take it without having a comparison. How does it compare with the Malecite, Northstar, Kipawa trio.

I’d probably pass it by but from the pics it looks pretty nice and they’re only asking $600. So I’d like some more info before I drive 3 hours to check it out in person.



maybe this will be of some help
its an old design


and quirky…which means its meant to be investigated!


I came across those too. Unfortunately none of the responders seem to have paddled it. It does look like a very interesting boat but money is a little tight right now and I must spend it wisely. I don’t mind a little twitchiness but my normal tandem partners not so much.

I just checked the CL ad again and see they’ve updated it to “sale pending” so it looks like it may be a moot point after all.