Los Angeles area kayak storage?

Hi – I am relocating from the east coast to the L.A. area. I enjoy recreational kayaking and own two 12 foot kayaks.

I don’t yet know what my living arrangements will be in L.A. but they might not accommodate the kayaks, which I currently simply store in my garage.

Is anyone here familiar with the L.A. area and whether there are affordable options for basic kayak storage?


Try asking Southwinds…

they have locations in Irvine and Newport Beach and may know of an option. The problem with LA is not much of anything involving rent, real estate etc is affordable in anyplace you would want to leave your boat. Driving times can be quite long due to traffic so choose where you put it carefully.

Try NAC or Newport Aquatic Center

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Best bet would be to sell or give away your kayaks and switch to SUPs when you get there? I'd just rent from NAC unil fully settled?

Living room
12 ft kayaks should be easy to store even if they go up a flight of steps

Xtreamline Sports
Along with Southwinds, you could ask Xtremeline Sports in San Pedro about options they may know of.