Lost in the wild - a good read

I just finished reading a new book based on two true stories of danger and survival in the North Woods. One takes place in the Boundary Waters on the Pow Wow trail near lake Isabella and the other story takes place in Quetico Provincial Park. I really enjoyed it and found it to be a real page turner. It was interesting to see how some simple mistakes can get a wilderness camper into some real trouble. I just thought that some of the pnet crowd might enjoy this book. It’s ‘Lost in the Wild’ by Cary J. Griffith. I ordered my copy from Amazon.com for around $15.


Lost in the wild
Good read! I got the book from my local library a couple weeks ago and I really enjoyed the stories as well. I wouldn’t call either one an example of what to do in classic search and rescue circumstances.

Plenty to consider
…in the two true stories told. I’m hoping to have all the scouts in our BWCAW group read it before our trip in August. A good read for any outdoor adventurer!