Lost(?) kayak

The qustion mark means I still believe in the goodness of man.

mailbu two missing from a dock on the loxahatchee river. yellow, about 3 years old.

I discovered this kayak was missing upon returning to florida after being up north for two months.

file a police report
It is unfortunate, but boats do sometimes get taken. In case that was what happened here, you should file a police report.

there are a lot of good people on earth , but there are also a lot of crooks and theives.

Lost Kayak Site
Try this site as well - http://www.marinerkayaks.com/mkhtml/stolendb.htm


how did it get stolen??
was it kept outdoors?? That would be your largest mistake. Try storage or a boat house, something that would be very hard to break into and people wouldnt even know there was a kayak in there.

Cable Bike Lock
Also, you can use a bike lock if it has scupper holes. They are harder to cut through. But doesn’t help now to get it back.

Sorry this happened to you.