Lost storage tub.

My wife has lost the storage tub for her Tarpon 180. Can’t seem to find where to get a replacement. Any ideas? Thanks.

Any Wilderness Systems dealer!
…give the nearest one a call, if they don’t stock it, they can order it. I could get you one if you can’t get a local dealer to do it! I am a dealer.

Tarpon 180?
You’re probably thinking the Tarpon 160. They no longer make the style with the two large hatches with covers but instead use a tank well in the back. They made a black “tub” that rested in the hatch opening for these older style boats. I would doubt you could still find this tub since the boat style has been out of production for several years now. It wouldn’t hurt to check around with your local dealers.

Tarpon 180??
Okay, someones going to have to get me up to speed here- I’m lost. Was this discountinued??

No Tarpon 180
He probably means Tarpon 160. There has been several versions of the 160. Tarpon 160, Tarpon 160i, Tarpon 160ii, whatever. Old version had two hatches. New models have one hatch and one tank well. Same design as other Tarpon sizes, just stretched out. Wilderness Systems have never had a Tarpon 180. It would be an interesting boat though.

T160 was the original Tarpon model