Lotus Dandy Rigged for sailing

I just purchased a Lotus Dandy that was custom made by Mike Galt ( written on the front flotation tank is written " custom made by Mike Galt") that is set up for sailing. It has a mast step with a thwart which a mast goes into. About a foot behind the mast thwart are 2 rope loops glassed into the hull. Behind the seat toward the stern are 2 other rope loops glassed into the hull. It has about 6 wooden cleat like fittings also. I am trying to figure how the canoe was to be rigged. Any help will be appreciated.

Can you post some photo’s?
That would help.

Where did you get it?

Photos of Dandy
Here are some photos you can access to see how it is set up. Beautiful canoe with sitka spruce wood trim. http://picasaweb.google.com/marvin.phelps

Did it come with a mast?
Smaller boats usually don’t have standing rigging (forestay, backstay) but the more forward loops could be for some kind shroud. The ones more aft could be for some combination traveller/mainsheet. Look at this skiff rigging and see if you think this is similar.


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What a beauty!
Those forward loops might be anchors for a throw-over leeboard; particularly if they’re located at the widest beam. Usually people use a single board with the anchor in the center so the board can be used on either side without disconnecting the line from the anchor but perhaps, in this case, an anchor was put on each side to free up leg space in the center. The rear loops may be for a traveler for the sheet as Alan suggested or maybe a line was run between the front and rear loops on each side and the leeboard was hung off of that

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the rope loops might be used to tie bags
flotation bags are a good addition in a sailing canoe

The Dandy Rigging
The Dandy was purchased off my local Craig’s list. One never knows what you find listed. When I saw the photos in the ad I immediately recognized it was a Lotus Dandy. The owner had no idea what it was. It has no hull #'s. The canoe came with no mast or other rigging. I did replace the seat.

Good find!
Only thing I would suspect (having never paddled a Dandy, but knowing 80’s solos) is that a sailing setup is probably pretty brave! I would start low aspect to see how she handles w/sail, and also because Lotus were apparently pretty slow anyway.

Replaced the seat?
Was there an old seat or no seat?

If there was none They might have sat in the bilge for greater stability.


Dandy seat
It came with a seat but the cane was blown out. It will replace the old seat with new cane to bring it back to it’s original condition. I am planning on bringing it to the the Charleston Canoe Kayak Festival along with my Curtis Nomad and Vagabond.