Lotus Designs Mildwater

After reading the “raves” posted on the reviews page, I’m sold on the Lotus Designs Mildwater pfd. Anyone know where I can get a couple? Everyone seems to be out of stock!

Do you mean Quietwater?

You can order directly from Lotus.

has a mesh back.

Lotus is Sold Out for the Season.
From what I’ve read the Lg/XL/XXL sizes are completely sold out at the factory for the season. However, my local shop has a few XS sizes (http://www.aldercreek.com)

I wanted one also in Lg/XL size and ended up with a Kokatat inflatable unit.


Lotus Designs Mildwater

– Last Updated: Jun-16-06 2:55 PM EST –

Just got off the phone with Patagonia (Lotus Designs) who said this year's shipment of Mildwaters didn't meet their quality control standards, so they sent them back to (China?) the source and are recalling any (OF THIS YEAR'S MODEL) that might have been sold. As a result, she said Patagonia/Lotus won't be offering the Mildwater this year.

Check Stohlquist
They have a similat model, maybe even superior. And I think they sew theirs domestically, so stock might not be a problem.


Good for them (Lotus)
It’s good to see that Lotus Designs (Patagonia) is taking steps to keep the quality image of their products intact. I wonder how they’ll implement the recall of the “defective” Mildwaters already in customer’s hands.

BTW, I use a Lotus Deepwater (now discontinued) which appears to be basically the same as the Mildwater except for the pocket size and layout. The mesh back design really does make it quite comfortable to wear on warm days. It’s also nice not having it interfere with the seat back when I paddle my SOT.

the quietwater is the same as the mildwater in having the mesh back. The quietwater has no or siimpler pockets and no reflective fabric on the front. It’s a simpler and less expensive mildwater.

Mild Water
I was informed that it was recalled by the coast guard by someone at NRS? Not sure if thats true?

Campmor seems to have a few left. I’d make sure they were not the recall types.

Try the LDB
Astral Bouyancy LDB is also worth looking at for the comfort end as well as their environmentally friendlier approach to the floatation materials contained in the LDB especially.

See you on the water,