Lotus Mildwater (PFD) Vest Recall

If you own a Mildwater PFD, which also had versions sold as “Fishing PFD” and “Patagonia Fishing Vest”, check out this recall!!

I have been paddling with this vest for over 2 years (actually liked the low bouyancy) and was getting ready to purchase a replacement due to normal wear and tear. As it turns out, my vest falls under the recall and Lotus will be refunding or replacing it for free!


Thank you for the post and info
We have a number of theese in the shop. the boss is tackiling the problem now… Thanks again for sharing the information…kim

Checked my Deepwater - just in case
Although I’ve got a Lotus Deepwater (looks basically the same except for the pockets), the certification label (at least on mine) says Mildwater, so I thought I’d check it when the Lotus/Patagonia recall page went up anyway. As expected, the serial number didn’t match the affected #'s.

Of course, I’ve been in the water with it before, and it seems to provide adequate buoyancy and the mesh back design is great on warm days not to mention when I’m paddling my Scupper.

We often use
our PDFs to “bob” in the water when we get over heated. I have never thought the jacket was defective. It always seemed to float me just fine.

Hats off to Lotus for fessing up to a problem no one even noticed.

That being said I will still take them up on there offer and will buy another Lotus product.

Thanks for posting the link
I just went out to the truck and checked mine. (Doesn’t everyone keep their gear in the truck/car and ready to go? Right next to the rod and tackle!) Glad mine wasn’t in the group. It floats me well and is comfortable. Wouldn’t want to do the search for a replacement.